“Hollie was hands-on in helping SAP to meet clients and get in front of people.  Any query was dealt with instantly, responses were quick so that we did not miss out on missing to meet the right individual.” EMEA Senior Marketing Manager, SAP Mobile Services

“In working closely with Hollie for LTE Mena, we had several meetings set up before the event – an excellent service!” Sales Director, EMEA, Accuver

“I attended the LTE MENA conference and had a very positive experience. I found really helpful was the speed networking session where I was able to connect with C-level executives that were interested in continuing the talks with us after the conference. We have engaged with some of them and are exploring opportunities.” Director of Sales, Reverb Networks

“Speed Networking helped me meet other high level attendees – some of which I arranged to meet with later in the conference.  A fantastic initiative that helps people connect during the event – thank you for inviting me to take part.” CTO, SOMTEL

“I had several meeting requests before the event which Hollie help set up – I enjoyed the networking aspect of the confernece.” Director / CRM & product Management, ETISALAT

“It has been a pleasure working with you on this event, the best organised LTE events out of all the ones I have managed to date. I am  very impressed by the team’s efficiency on this event. Well done!” Marketing Manager, The Now Factory

“We were amazed with the level of interaction and engagement we had with CxO level operators thanks to introductions and meetings we had during the show. Speed Networking allowed us to engage with people we would not of been able to get in front of otherwise – this opportunity is invaluable to us!” Director of Sales, Goldkey Telecoms

“Another fantastic speed networking event – the best hour in the whole conference!” Director of Sales, Accuver

“Thanks for bringing Erol over to the R&S SwissQual stand – we are quoting for equipment to help with Network Quality measurement in the UK – this is a big lead.” International Sales Manager, Swissqual

“Valuable networking opportunities and topical presentations – exactly what a conference should be” Radio Access Technology Manager, Telefonica

“Excellent event once again with great access to all the right individuals thanks again for your help in setting up the meetings .  I especially enjoyed speed networking.” CEO, Signals Research Group; LLC

“Great opportunity to meet high level people; engage in meaningful conversations and establish mutual relationships that otherwise are difficult to do without your help and assistance.” Head of LTE R&D, NIST; U.S. Department of Commerce

“We were very pleased with the meetings we had as a result of the work Hollie did ahead of the event and the contacts we made during speed networking.” Sales Director EMEA, Newfield Wireless

“Hollie helped set us several meetings for us during the event, this helped me to meet the right people and make new contacts I would not have done otherwise – thank you.” Vice President of Wireless Operation, CAT Telecom

“The Speed Networking Session did change the LTE North America event for us by creating a solid contact network where we had several meetings and leads as a direct result of the discussion. And with the poken technology the contacts follow up afterwards was made easy” Sales Executive, Tieto

“Participating in the Speed Networking session at LTE North America was a very effective and efficient way of establishing communication channels with people in the industry. It enabled me to quickly identify key contacts that are relevant to my business needs, and engage in follow up sessions with them at a later time.  With the large number of attendees and information sessions, the Speed Networking sessions allowed me to maximize my time spent at the conference.” Director – Wireless Network Support, Sasktel

“I have to give Informa a big credit for its’ innovation and creative thinking. These days, where most industry event follow very typical template of a traditional conference and tradeshow arrangement, speed networking  at LTE North America introduced very unusual and hopefully fruitful experience. A four word summary for Speed Networking is: Intense, exciting, demanding, optimistic.” Sales Director, Axxcelera Broadband Wireless

“The ‘quality’ of attendees taking part was fantastic– we met senior people from all the major operator companies we’re trying to target and came away with several leads – I’ll definitely be signing up for next year!” Director – Mobile Sales and Innovation, iBasis

“I found the Speed networking session effective, useful, and very well organized in a smooth and pleasant atmosphere, allowing one to one dialogues efficiently, from introductions to matters of mutual interest and possible follow-up.” Distinguished member, Bell Mobility

“This is the first time I’ve taken part in speed networking – I think the concept is brilliant for lead generation! The session lasted around 50 minutes, in which time I made eleven quality, qualified leads. As a company, we invest in these conferences to expand our contacts and seek new leads – during this session we spoke to the key decision makers – most of which were either speakers or Senior department heads with decision making power.  I would definitely recommend this to others looking to meet potential customers at the event.”  Program Manager, DRT

“This Speed Networking Session accomplished in 50 minutes what would have normally taken us months to achieve in terms of the new contacts we made.  This session was well organised with a great atmosphere – everyone I spoke to enjoyed themselves  -  it was definitely worthwhile us taking part.” VP Sales North America, Diametriq

“For us, Speed Networking is one of the best parts of the event, we find it unobtrusive, giving us the chance to meet different operators and follow up with the contacts we’ve made.” Managing Director, Telsoft

“One of the best parts of the conference, an excellent tool for lead generation!” VP Global Sales and Marketing, PT

“Very efficient way to meet relevant operators in the region, highly beneficial, the most valuable session of the entire event as far as I’m concerned!” COO, D2 Technologies

“Very good! The best aspect of the whole conference and the most interesting way to make new contacts with Operators” VP Marketing, Ercom

“This is great, the first time I’ve seen it in an exhibition! Guarantees meetings & forces us to sell ourselves in 1 minute – fantastic” Director, Service Provider Marketing, Infoblox